Enjoy the fine cuisine today, or the whole work of art from autumn 2016:
Our new 800°C grand opening!

Our new chef Christian Meijer has already conquered the hearth – and the heart of many a connoisseur:

Our renowned chef has been ringing the changes with new and fresh culinary fare in our kitchen for a few weeks now. The subtle scent of fresh herbs is in the air, and the entire crew will be treating guests and connoisseurs from the region alike with a menu of creative dishes and seasonal specialities.

Christian Meijer will be focusing his culinary skills on refined herbal variations and meat dishes on the lava stone grill.


A special tip for hot summer days:

Enjoy your stay al fresco-style on our new lakeside terrace overlooking the lake and gardens.

Even with our 800°C restaurant beckoning in its new interior, the current atmosphere you will find there is definitely worth looking into for a unique culinary experience.

We look forward to taking your reservation.

News from the kitchen

Today: Watercress

Popular back in ancient Rome – watercress

Watercress has a fresh, slightly tangy taste that comes from the watercress gluconasturtiin, a mustard oil glycoside. It tastes somewhat like its close relative, garden cress, and you’ll find it in soups and salads as well as in creative garnishes to go with sandwiches and steaks.

Watercress contains bitters, tannins, sugar, essential oils, raphanol, and vitamins A, B1, B2, E as well as minerals such as iron, iodine, phosphorus and calcium. Water cress has always been a highly sought after vitamin C source as it can be harvested in the winter.

Home-made herbs

We will be offering herb aficionados a fine selection of home-made herbal specialities to taste and purchase from 2017 onwards; these will include herbal oils and salts, pesto and similar.

Cooking and herbal courses

Also starting in 2017, we will be surprising amateur cooks with new cooking courses and herbal training. Our chef Christian Meijer will be directing the courses with all of his expertise and heaps of humour – fun factor guaranteed!